Get smart. 

Go magnetostrictive.

The success of our probes is no secret. Using magnetostrictive technology, our probes provide continuous and highly accurate readings of liquids inside of the tank. By transmitting a high frequency electrical impulse that travels at the speed of sound, the advanced technology within the probes is able to measure the time elapsed between the initial sending of the signal and its return to the float, giving an unbeatably accurate fuel reading which is then relayed to the console on site or directly to the Point of Sale (POS). Available as both wired and wireless units, you can be sure that whatever your site configuration, you are receiving the best service.

Wired or wireless?

We believe in choice. That’s why we offer both wired and wireless probes. Our wired probes are ideal for sites which already have the required cabling to enable easy installation and function. Benefitting from fast and reliable data transmission, our wired probes are suitable for both above and below ground tanks and are the product of choice for many retailers across the globe.

Our wireless liquid level probes are perfect for sites wishing to avoid expensive digging, wiring and cabling costs. They are able to transmit data up to 80 metres from underground tanks - a distance which can be extended to 800m with the aid of an additional above ground RF receiver - and are well-equipped and rigorously tested to manage environments where wireless coverage is typically limited. The wireless liquid level probes benefit from all of the same features as the wired probe.


The XMT-Exd explosion-proof probe is ideal for monitoring liquids across many commercial sectors, no matter how challenging the environment. This hardiest of probes can monitor almost all known liquids including those which are considered volatile, resins, chemicals and food and drink products.


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