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ProGauge Clock Mechanical Sensors

Our clock mechanical sensors have been designed to measure practically all fuel types in both underground and aboveground tanks, providing a very accurate mechanical indication without the need for electrical supply. They're easy to install - with a single pointer - making them extremely flexible.


In addition, our mechanical sensors are not just restricted to fuel measurement but are able to determine the levels of both low and high viscosity liquids present in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint processing and solvent industries.

We offer two models of clock mechanical sensors: the O-RANGE and the LeMon. The O-RANGE model offers a maximum probe shaft length of 3 metres and has a single display needle and 100mm resolution, whilst the LeMon is for measuring tanks with a depth up to and including 5 metres and has 2 display needles and a resolution of 2.5mm. Custom lengths of both models are available on request.

If it's liquid, we can measure it


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