MagLink LX

The MagLink LX is a feature-rich solution based on a Linux platform, offering flexible configurations for use in variety of fuelling set ups, both wired and wireless. This console is able to manage up to 32 probes effortlessly. A web-based and easy to follow user interface quickly enables the operator to access a variety of simplified menus. Multiple Point of Sale (POS) interfaces are supported.

Digimon 16T

This robust, weatherproof console is suitable for all outdoor environments and can monitor up to 16 fuel tanks. The graphical colour touchscreen display is capable of displaying a wide range of messages, meaning you can navigate to the right information quickly, and with ease. Explosion proof (‘Ex’) certified, this console supports remote installation and once running, provides a true, 24/7 operating functionality. 

Digimon LCD ATEX

Like its big brother the Digimon 16 T, the Digimon LCD console is engineered to perform in all weather conditions. Featuring an LCD display, the console is perfectly designed to relay all of the necessary tank information in a succinct and immediately accessible manner. If you have only one tank to monitor, then this is all you need.


The MagDirect unit offers a direct interface to the probe from the point-of-sale system. Designed for use with the Tokheim FuelPOSTM and WayneTM Fusion automation server, the MagDirect is equipped with an intrinsically safe barrier to offer the highest level of protection against electricity surges. Up to 8 probes can be connected to the MagDirect at any one time. 

Level Monitor

Small installations, such as home depots, maintenance garages and commercial fuelling locations, can be catered for using the Level Monitor. The entry-level console supports up to two, Ex certified probes and features a simple, user-friendly screen for fast access to tank gauge data.   


The MagConnect is a user-friendly junction box that offers individual connections for each probe. With only a single cable required between the junction box and console, installing the device couldn’t be easier. 


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